Refrigerant tracking and compliance wherever you are

We understand refrigerant gas detection and compliance like no other. We’ve been helping organizations for over 30 years. You can now benefit from our summarized refrigerant regulations- made into easy to follow workflows taking the complexity and stress out of compliance. It’s available for you now- a simple platform available through your phone, laptop or desktop, wherever you are.

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The power of refrigerant tracking in your hands

Use the powerful Parasense software to seize control of your refrigerant tracking and compliance. With top down to bottom up views giving you clarity of all your equipment and assets, all your stores and sites either at micro level or enterprise scale. Isn’t it time you took hold of your refrigerant tracking and compliance too?

Achieve Compliance

Robust, effective, easy to use refrigerant compliance software

Remain Refrigerant Compliant
Reduce Refrigerant Emissions
Effective Enterprise Management

Industry leading refrigerant gas detection

Parasense customers now have additional refrigerant gas detection devices to choose from with Bacharach’s industry leading Multi-Zone refrigerant leak detectors and MGS-400 Series Gas Detectors.

Refrigerant Gas Detection

Tried and trusted worldwide

Ensure compliance, reduce emissions, maximise equipment up-time, save money.

Over 2.8bn Refrigerant Leak Samples Recorded
Over 30 years of industry expertise
Days Per Year of Leak Detection

Award winning refrigerant management at your fingertips