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Parasense helps retailers, food processing firms and manufacturers in the UK and North America to manage refrigeration and critical assets more effectively, to drive down energy costs, cut emissions of harmful greenhouse gases and increase profitability.

We have also been chosen by the US and British militaries – and passed their rigorous testing regimes – to monitor refrigeration equipment on board ships and submarines.

Our product ranges have expanded from refrigerant leak detection to include more wide-ranging monitoring systems. As well as safeguarding refrigeration equipment and protecting staff from harmful gases, our customers are now using Parasense products to control lighting and HVAC, to integrate existing control systems and to provide data analytics for more efficient and cost-effective operations.

In the UK, Parasense Limited is ISO 9001:2015 registered.

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In the mid 1980s, Peter Radford, founder of Parasense, identified a solution to a widespread problem: poor reliability in refrigeration plant. From his experience in the industry he knew that many of these unforeseen breakdowns could be prevented, if only the warning signs could be spotted in time.

Although refrigerant leaks are one of the main symptoms of failing plant, there were no refrigerant leak detectors at the time that were both affordable and sensitive enough to spot these early, small leaks.

With his background in engineering, Peter created a company to develop a new type of refrigerant leak detector that was sensitive enough to provide an early warning to problems, but also rugged and cost-effective enough for use in retail or industrial environments.

Parasense Ltd. was registered in the UK in 1988 and saw nearly a decade of strong growth before the decision was taken to expand into North America. In 1996, Parasense Inc. was founded  and sales and support teams were recruited.

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