Naval and military solutions

Parasense solutions monitor onboard refrigeration plant, constantly checking its health and providing early warning of major failures that could endanger personnel, put cold stores at risk of failure and jeopardise electronic systems.

Naval vessels and submarines depend on refrigeration plant working safely and reliably, to safeguard weapons systems and other essential electronics, as well as catering facilities and air conditioning. Yet even modern refrigeration plant provides little indication of how well it is running or whether problems are developing.

At the same time, refrigerant gases can be hazardous to personnel if they leak into the atmosphere, as well as causing environmental damage.

About our solutions

Parasense provides automatic monitoring of refrigeration equipment, constantly checking that it is running efficiently and highlighting maintenance issues before they can develop into serious problems.

Our refrigerant leak detectors are exceptionally sensitive, so they can sense escaped gas in very small quantities, before it becomes hazardous or causes the refrigeration plant to fail.

Products and services

Our solutions are helping the British Navy and other NATO allies to achieve these benefits with our proven products and services:

  • Our highly sensitive, military grade refrigerant leak detectors spot early signs of problems in refrigeration plant, identifying problems and preventing serious leaks of harmful or environmentally damaging gases. Read more.
  • Our support and maintenance services keep your Parasense systems working reliably and calibrated accurately. Our engineers have the necessary security clearances to work effectively on-board. Read more.

Next steps

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