Critical asset management

Parasense critical asset management solutions bring together operating data from facilities management and control systems, so you can gain meaningful insights into how refrigeration plant and other critical assets are performing, as well as receiving instant alerts in case of problems.

Our solutions includes devices which are installed on-site to collect and process all the different streams of data, as well as a secure online service which sends out meaningful alerts to all the right people, as well as offering rich tools for analysing problems and trends.

The security of these systems has been audited and approved by a major UK organisation to  use across all their sites.

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  • LIC – Local Information Centre

    A centralised site integration platform connecting and
    managing data from multiple devices or systems using
    open IP communication protocols, via a secure dual
    ethernet system.

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  • SFP – Site Fusion Platform

    The SFP includes all of the functionality of the Parasense LIC. It also incorporates control circuits and flexible functionality to manage automatic load shedding, across refrigeration, lighting, HVAC and more.

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  • VQAM – Virtual Quality Assurance Manager

    VQAM energy management systemOur secure online service allows you to find meaningful, relevant information about your energy usage, refrigeration and other critical assets. It provides separate logins for managers, staff and contractors. The VQAM service also allows you to set-up and manage instant notifications and alerts.

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More information

For more information about these products, to request datasheets or to discuss your particular requirements, please contact us on 01452 724123.