Energy Management

Parasense energy management systems help you to record and make sense of the complexities of your energy consumption. Rather than simply reporting on peaks and dips in energy usage, they apply sophisticated algorithms to take into account the effect of environmental conditions and working hours to identify genuine exceptions and opportunities for savings. Our secure online service means you can manage a single site or an entire estate with ease.

Our systems are particularly strong in refrigeration and its applications, including energy used for blast chillers, cold stores, air conditioning and retail cabinets.

Parasense systems can also be configured to automatically manage load-shedding at peak times, responding precisely to load levels and temporarily switching off specific circuits.

ERM2 – Energy Monitor

A sophisticated multi-channel monitoring system for electricity, gas and water. Includes interfaces for environmental monitoring and automatic, rules-based demand management.

ERM2 Datasheet                            


RM2 – Cluster Modules

RM2 module for energy monitoringThese separate modules extend and complete the capabilities of the ERM2:

  • Digital inputs for BMS, faults alarms, etc.
  • Analogue inputs for gas detection sensors, etc.
  • Temperature and/or pressure sensors
  • Three-phase energy monitors
  • High speed counters, suitable for measuring energy meter pulses
  • Relay outputs for controlling lighting, HVAC, etc.

RM2 – Datasheet 

  • The Parasense platform

    VQAM energy management systemOur secure online service allows you to find meaningful, relevant information about your energy usage, refrigeration and other critical assets. It provides separate logins for managers, staff and contractors. The Parasense platform service also allows you to set-up and manage instant notifications and alerts.

    The Parasense platform Brochure


Refrigerant Leak Reduction Savings Calculator

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