Fixed and portable refrigerant leak detectors

Parasense has developed a range of highly sensitive and dependable refrigerant leak detectors which sense the smallest leak of refrigerant gas, in time to prevent serious problems developing. They monitor air from numerous points around your refrigeration systems and test for the presence of specific refrigerant gases.

Unlike traditional gas detectors, the Parasense system does not use combustion-based sensors, which deteriorate with use and are susceptible to false alarms. Instead our proven sensing technology measures infrared absorption to make measurements that are dependable and consistent over time.

The following products are for retail and commercial applications; military grade refrigerant leak detectors are also available.

GRM2 – Refrigerant Leak Detector

This unit is the most widely deployed Parasense gas detector. It provides uncompromising sensitivity to leaks of different refrigerants and can sample air from up to 16 points around your refrigeration systems.

GRM2 Datasheet                            


GSRM2 – Network Refrigerant Leak Detector

Designed for situations where personnel safety could be compromised by a leak of refrigerant gases, the GSRM2 provides continuous monitoring from a network of dedicated sensors around your refrigeration plant and working spaces.

GSRM2 Datasheet                         


 PDRM2 – Portable Refrigerant Leak Detector

PDRM2 portable refrigerant gas detectorThe PDRM2 is a highly sensitive, single channel refrigerant monitor. It is often used for maintenance applications, including continuity of protection during maintenance of permanent gas detectors.

PDRM2 Datasheet                         


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If you are looking for products for military applications, please visit our naval and military products pages.

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