Asset Quality

The scale and scope of a company’s access to data is changing the way you do business.  Parasense Asset Quality provides an integrated platform distilling value and driving productivity from mountains of data, so you can use predictive analysis  to gain meaningful insights into how Refrigeration, HVAC, Operations and other Critical Assets are performing.

Embedded devices measure and intelligently integrate the myriad of  data streams locally, alerting on exceptions and linking securely to the Parasense VQAM Dashboard for analytics and predictive trending across your enterprise.

The security of these systems has been independently audited and approved by a global Consulting Corporation.

  • LIC – Local Information Center

    LIC - Local Information Centre for critical asset managementA secure platform, which collects operational data from a myriad of systems on your facilities wide area network, parses it to identify changes and exceptions locally, and sends it over a secure network tunnel to our analysis and alerting service.

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  • SFP – Sustainable Fusion Platform

    SFP - site fusion platform for energy monitoring and energy managementThe SFP includes all of the functionality of the Parasense LIC. It also incorporates control circuits and flexible functionality to manage automatic load shedding, demand control across refrigeration, lighting, HVAC and more.

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  • VQAM – Virtual Quality Assurance Manager

    VQAM energy management systemAnalytics in the Cloud – VQAM Dashboard merges sophisticated, predictive analytics with Parasense and third party data streams enabling clients to immediately pull their data into any project. Automated actionable notifications can be configured to alert when your refrigerant, energy and sustainability boundaries are crossed.  Providing a real time conversation on asset quality within your infrastructure.

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