Energy Management

Environmental sustainability efforts continue to rise in importance throughout organizations and this is where Parasense comes in. Get real time, predictive insight into how your operational practices consume resources and use the powerful Analytics to improve your financial performance.  Our Energy Monitoring Systems effectively measure electricity, gas and water; track and enhance operational efficiency, help conserve water, report on carbon emissions, and save money.

Accuracy counts, so we designed it into the heart of the system and NRTL tested it to meet ANSI C12.1 – 2008.  The system allows for collaboration with Utilities in Curtailment Programs and standalone in-house Strategic Load Management strategies sympathetic to your mission.

ERM2 – Energy Monitor

A sophisticated multi-channel monitoring system for electricity, gas and water. Includes interfaces for environmental monitoring and automatic, rule-based demand management.

ERM2 Datasheet                            


RM2 – Cluster Modules

RM2 module for energy monitoringThese separate modules extend and complete the capabilities of the ERM2:

  • Digital inputs for BMS, faults, alarms, etc.
  • Analog inputs for gas detection sensors, etc.
  • Temperature and/or pressure sensors
  • Three-phase energy monitors
  • High speed counters, suitable for measuring energy meter pulses
  • Relay outputs for controlling lighting, HVAC, etc.

RM2 – Datasheet 

The Parasense platform

VQAM energy management systemThe Parasense platform Dashboard merges sophisticated, predictive analytics with Parasense and third party data streams enabling clients to immediately pull their data into any project. Automated actionable notifications can be configured to alert when your refrigerant, energy and sustainability boundaries are crossed.  Providing a real time conversation on asset quality within your infrastructure.

 The Parasense platform brochure

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