Military and Marine

Help keep your manpower safe and critical assets working efficiently, by maximizing performance and using predictive and intelligent analytics.  Parasense manufactures a range of truly sustainable refrigerant detectors that meet the accuracy and reliability needs of your environment along with energy sub-metering and integration platforms. Read more.

  • Refrigerant Detectors – Military and Industrial Grade

    3300RM2 naval and military grade refrigerant gas detectorDesigned to endure greater environmental variability, while delivering accuracy and reliability capabilities to comply with safety and regulatory requirements.  NEMA Rated, Grade A Shock, Vibration and EMC Approved.

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  • Energy Performance and Monitoring

    Sophisticated energy and utility monitoring systems that take into account environmental and operational conditions providing real insight into your refrigeration, lighting, HVAC and maintenance response requirements.

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  • Asset Quality

    VQAM energy management and monitoring systemParasense Dashboard merges sophisticated, predictive analytics with Parasense and third party data streams enabling clients to immediately pull their data into any project. Automated actionable notifications can be configured to alert locally when your refrigerant, energy and performance boundaries are crossed.  Providing a real time conversation on asset quality within your infrastructure.

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