Refrigerant Tracking & Compliance

Track, Report, and Reduce Multi-Site Refrigerant Usage for Regulatory Compliance

We recognise that achieving compliance and best in class refrigerant leak rates requires close collaboration and team work between equipment owners, internal teams and contracted service providers.

With over 30 years of experience, the Parasense platform and our services are expertly designed to empower you to accomplish compliance with your regulatory standards.

These include GreenChill, CARB, F-Gas and EPA 608


The Parasense platform enables your teams to seamlessly work together. Our easy to use system is designed to make data capture by contractors as easy as possible, while reports and dashboards provide owners with insight over the enterprise of refrigerant usage and equipment compliance.

Track all refrigerant use in all your appliances, components and equipment across your entire enterprise Review cause of refrigerant discharge across entire enterprise
Our proven regulation work flow simplifies record keeping, ensuring compliant processes are followed Identify problems, track repairs, and minimize the replacement of refrigerant
Notifications to highlight actions and reminders to help you schedule and coordinate work Access your information from anywhere, at any time, on any device
Standard reports, ready to submit to your regulatory body Certification and documentation upload

Refrigerant Management Services

Team services

Our knowledgeable experts will guide you, your team and contractors, so you know all is being done to comply with legislation and reduce leak rate.

  • Email and phone compliance guidance
  • Data, document, certificate validation
  • Highlight areas of concern
  • Team compliance training
  • Professional services

    Partner with us to provide your refrigerant management and compliance team, so you can dedicate your resources to focus on strategic projects and initiatives.

  • Contractor management and coordination
  • Compliance submission
  • Periodic reviews
  • Refrigerant management strategy guidance
  • Consultancy services

    Providing specialist custom services, for example:

  • Site survey and equipment logging


    Refrigerant Tracking Usage and Regulatory Reports


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