Regulatory Compliance Resources

EPA Section 608 legislation
The full EPA 608 legislation for refrigerant tracking and compliance
current as of June 2018 source:

CARB Sections 95380 to 95398 legislation
The full CARB legislation for refrigerant tracking and compliance
2018 source:

Regulation (EU) No 517/2014 legislation
The full EU regulation text on fluorinated greenhouse gases
2018 source:

US states sue EPA for rescinding HFC bans
The attorney generals from eleven US states have filed suit against the EPA for “effectively rescinding” regulations prohibiting the use of HFC refrigerants. The coalition argues that the EPA violated the federal Clean Air Act when it issued a “guidance” document rather than a public rulemaking process, as required by law. Lifting limits on the use of HFCs, they say, will damage efforts to combat climate change.
June 2018 source:

Inside California’s Refrigerant Regulations
What you need to know about the proposed refrigeration and air conditioning rules
Jan 2018 source:

Containment and Leak Detection
A learning booklet providing an introduction to the topic of leakage reduction
2015 source:

Guide to good leak testing
A booklet providing guidance on leak testing methods and documentation from REAL SKILLS EUROPE (Refrigerant Emissions And Leakage Skills for Europe)
2011 source:

Illustrated guide to 13 common leaks
To make your service and maintenance more effective in reducing leaks it helps to know the common leak points. Here are the top 13 causes of leaks and how to avoid them.
2009 source:

REAL Zero – Reducing refrigerant emissions & leakage – feedback from the IOR Project
This paper summarises Real Zero, provides background literature on the global issue of refrigerant leakage, gives some up to date information from the analysis of F-Gas use in installed systems and leakage record data, and provides a discussion on the way forward.
2009 source: