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Parasense solutions monitor your refrigeration plant and other critical assets, helping you to identify substantial energy savings and providing early warning of breakdowns that can otherwise put blast chillers and cold storage out of action for hours on end.

When your production processes include chilling or cold storage, the impact of refrigeration plant failure can be enormous, from interrupted production to spoiled stock. Yet even modern refrigeration plant provides little indication of how well it is running or whether problems are developing.

At the same time, increases in energy costs mean that refrigeration plant – which is often very energy intensive – can provide significant cost savings when it is tuned to run more efficiently.

About our solutions

Parasense provides remote monitoring of refrigeration equipment, constantly checking that it is running efficiently and highlighting maintenance issues before they can develop into serious problems.

The Parasense system watches out for changes in how the plant is running and gathers data from additional sensors to gauge the health of different parts of the refrigeration plant. This allows it to detect refrigerant leaks early, to predict likely problems and identify specific remedial action.

Drawing on our engineers’ experience and knowledge, we can identify refrigeration plant and other assets which are consuming more energy than expected. By reconfiguring and tuning refrigeration plant, we deliver substantial, sustainable energy savings.

The Parasense system keeps permanent records of operating data, energy consumption and maintenance activities from chillers and freezers. This is made available to your staff through a secure web portal for statutory reporting, CSR and contract administration.

Products and services

We are helping manufacturing businesses in Europe and North America to achieve these benefits with our proven products and services:

  • Our highly sensitive refrigerant leak detectors spot early signs of problems in your refrigeration plant and prevent serious leaks of environmentally damaging gases. Read more.
  • Parasense power and resource management systems record your energy usage in refrigeration, lighting, HVAC and production lines throughout your operations, giving you access to meaningful data and insights through our secure online analytics serviceRead more.
  • Parasense critical asset management solutions provide sophisticated analysis and alerting from all your facilities management, refrigeration and other control systems. Read more.
  • Our support and maintenance services keep your Parasense systems working reliably and calibrated accurately. Read more.

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