Environmental sustainability efforts continue to rise in importance throughout organizations and this is where Parasense comes in. Get real time, predictive insight into how your operational practices consume resources and use the powerful Analytics to improve your financial performance. Our Energy Monitoring Systems effectively measure electricity, gas and water; track and enhance operational efficiency, help conserve water, report on carbon emissions, and save money.

Accuracy counts, so we designed it into the heart of the system and NRTL tested it to meet ANSI C12.1 – 2008. The system allows for collaboration with Utilities in Curtailment Programs and standalone in-house Strategic Load Management strategies sympathetic to your mission.

ERM2 – Energy Monitor

A sophisticated multi-channel monitoring system for electricity, gas and water. Includes interfaces for environmental monitoring.

ERM2 Energy Monitor Features

  • Up to 4 pulse counter inputs.
  • Measurement of voltage, current, pf, kW, kVA and kWh.
  • Data logging at 5 through 60 minute intervals of all variables.
  • 2 channels of demand limiting control


ERM2 Datasheet Rev14

RM2 Modules

A range of modular I/O applications to expand or augment product functionality:

  • 8 and 16 Relays Outputs : Additional control eg lighting and HVAC processes
  • 8 and 16 Digital Inputs : General purpose eg BMS, faults alarms
  • 4 Temperatures/4 Pressures : 4 x PT1000 temperature inputs and 4 analogue pressure inputs
  • 4 Temperatures : 4 x PT1000 temperature inputs
  • 6 Energy Circuits : 6 x 3 phase energy monitoring circuits
  • 4 High Speed Counters : Pulse meter inputs eg gas, water and electricity
  • Analogue Sensor Trip Module : Analogue input and relays eg network gas detection sensors

SFP – Sustainable Fusion Platform

The SFP is a versatile multi-channel intelligent control and monitoring system. The SFP also functions as a site integration platform enabling a single WAN/LAN connection to multiple ethernet controllers via a secure dual ethernet system.

SFP Features

  • Adaptive control
  • Up to 8 channels of Demand Limiting Control
  • System level algorithms operate to ensure strategic control processes can be configured
  • High level algorithms enable information from the connected systems to optimise performance, reduce energy usage and improve carbon footprint
  • Measurement of voltage, current, pf, kW, kVA, kWh
  • Data logging at 5 through 60 minute intervals of all variables
  • Up to 4 pulse counter inputs
  • Temperature control for groups or individual evaporators
  • Initiation and termination of a variety of defrost scenarios for groups or individual evaporators
  • Basic operation enables multiple 7 day/24 hour schedules to be configured for lighting and HVAC processes


SFP Datasheet Rev16