Parasense 3300RM2 Enclosure

3300RM2 – Military Grade Refrigerant Leak Detector

The 3300RM2 provides uncompromising sensitivity to leaks of different refrigerants and can sample air from up to 16 points around your refrigeration plant. It has been tested to military standards for vibration, shock and EMC and carries a NATO part number for immediate ordering.

Parasense military grade products are highly sensitive and dependable refrigerant leak detectors which sense the smallest leak of refrigerant gas, in time to prevent serious problems developing. They automatically draw samples of air from numerous points around your refrigeration plant and test for the presence of specific refrigerant gases.

Unlike traditional gas detectors, the Parasense system does not use combustion-based sensors, which deteriorate with use and are susceptible to false alarms. Instead our proven sensing technology measures infrared absorption to make measurements that are dependable and consistent over time.

Our military grade products have been tested to military standards for vibration, shock and EMC and carry a NATO part number for immediate ordering.

3300RM2 Features

  • Draws a sample of air through remote tubing and analyses for content of target gas and displays the results as PPM.
  • Continuous logging of samples and response to excursions above alarm thresholds.
  • 1 sampling pump per channel for enhanced reliability and longevity.
  • Configurable via display/keypad.


3300RM2 Datasheet Cover