The Parasense Platform

The Parasense Platform: Monitor, Identify and Reduce

We empower engineering, refrigeration and energy managers in the food retail market to make their organizations leaders of sustainability and efficiency.

We do this by identifying, quantifying and reporting opportunities to prevent refrigerant loss and improve energy optimization, enabling our customers to achieve their goals.

What is the Parasense Platform? 

The Parasense Refrigerant and Energy Management platform enables operations and facilities managers to
achieve compliance and substantial gains in efficiency, reliability, asset performance and reducing operating costs across your entire enterprise.

Parasense combines real time data from refrigerant tracking, leak detection, energy and environment measurement. Our sophisticated analysis identifies opportunities for improvement and provides insights to understand how equipment and systems are performing across all assets and premises.

Situations that require immediate attention can be alerted to your team, contractors, and viewed through dashboards, reports and analytics tools through our secure web application.




Refrigerant Tracking

The Parasense Platform and our services are expertly designed to empower you to accomplish compliance with your regulatory standards, including EPA 608, CARB, F-Gas and Greenchill.

Refrigerant Leak Detection

Catching leaks really early – long before any safety thresholds are reached, allows you to act and fix leaks before you have lost a large amount of refrigerant, saving money and helping you achieve industry leading low leak rates.

Energy Monitoring

Refrigeration equipment is a large consumer of energy. Capturing energy consumption from equipment across the whole enterprise. Allows you to identify  your greatest energy saving opportunities.

Energy Management

Actively making a difference to your energy consumption, the Parasense platform automatically load sheds, so you avoid peak power demand consumption and charges, whilst still ensuring equipment is operating optimally in its operating conditions.


Key Features

  • Unified management platform brings together insight and control of all your critical assets.
  • Fully browser based system provides access to all your  reports and data from any web connected device.
  • Smart alerting notifies your team when genuine exceptions are detected, taking account of daily and seasonal cycles.
  • Cross-site view allows you to compare like-for-like across all your premises and assets to identify under-performance.
  • Refrigerant and energy management captures and presents all the information you need for cost saving and compliance.
  • Unlimited users

Proven Benefits

  • Targeted cost reduction
  • Tighter management control
  • Extended equipment life
  • Cost-effective, predictive maintenance
  • Reduced risk of critical asset failure
  • Proof of environmental improvement